A shortened Quiara with short sleeves

This is from the Farbenmix Quiara pattern in size 128, taken up 2″ from the bottom hem and with short sleeves rather than the flutter sleeves included in the pattern. No seam allowances were added to the pattern. The Strawberry Shortcake print is cotton jersey knit and the sleeves and neck binding are cotton/lycra jersey knit.

Farbenmix Quiara with short sleeves and no hood

It’s nice to get some things sewn up, I was starting to worry that Zoe was going to outgrow some of these prints before I made them into something. The clock’s ticking.

An Ottobre repeat

Another set from the Spring 2009 Ottobre (1/2009) – Taiji leggings #32 and the Orvokki jersey blouse, #18A. Both in size 128.

ottobre 1/2009 top and leggings

Things went much more smoothly with the cover stitch binder attachment this time. I tacked the shoulder seam down on the connecting side of the neck binding and it sits pretty nicely.

Some Ottobre sewing from the Spring 2009 issue (1/2009)

These are from the Spring 2009 issue (01/2009).

Ottobre Orvokki jersey blouse and Taija leggings

The top is the Orvokki jersey blouse. The print is a lightweight jersey and the solid is a cotton/lycra very fine ribknit. Both are a size 128. The top is a little short in the body and I’ll add an inch or so to it next time if I hem it with anything other than a rolled or lettuce edged hem. I’m trying to play nice with the binder attachments for my coverstitch machine, but it’s rough going. There’s a little gathering to give the sleeves a bit of poof and also on the top where the two pieces meet.

The leggings are the Taija leggings, in the same soft cotton/lycra knit as the top. The 128 is a little long, but Zoe’s growing so fast these days if we are lucky she’ll be able to wear them through the spring.

There are a couple variations for the top, and I may make another one or two since Zoe seems to be pretty happy with them. The slightly silly look about her is because she’s trying to show that her bottom tooth is missing and I’m wanting her to just smile.

A room for the girly

Alex moved to the basement bedroom and we separated the two little kids. This was Alex’s room:

Alex's room

Alex's room

Alex had a loft bed and put his dirty feet all over the ceiling, so that got painted first.

The nice thing about painting the ceiling before you paint the walls is that it doesn’t matter if you get it on the walls. Oh, and those solar system glow in the dark things? Very annoying to have to scrape them all off the wall.

Zoe picked purple for her walls. I cleaned the carpet, too.
Looks nice, doesn’t it?

Then I bought some fabric, and learned that organza is not my favorite material to sew.

Two layers of lilac and one layer of dark purple organza underneath make a very girly princess bedskirt.
organza princess purple bedskirt

There were about 4-4.5 yards left in each color…
Leftover organza

which was perfect for making sheers to go over the ugly blinds in that room.
organza sheers
The don’t look that dark in the daytime, but I’ve not been able to get a picture in the daylight.

In case you were wondering, 30 yards of organza were used in this room.

Kwik Sew 2918 – 4t pants

Paul is taking the kids to see a play today, Jack was looking for something nice to wear with his pants. Please note, we have a loose definition of nice around here. When you’re four, nice = not sweatpants. His nice pants were in the laundry pile and the washer was already running a load of towels. Since they were planning to leave in two hours, there was not enough time to get his pants through the washer and dryer.

Luckily, I had enough corduroy on hand to make a pair of pants. These are a bit of a repeat of the pair I made before, Kwik Sew 2918 in a 4T. I added an extra 1.5″ to the length and took an inch off the top. I sewed the corduroy completely and then sewed each leg in flannel. I put each flannel leg inside the corduroy, right sides together and then pulled them through and sewed the flannel leg pieces together at the crotch. I folded over the waist about 1.25″ and zigzagged it down with the elastic loop inside.

One pair of pants, ready to go!

Kwik Sew 2918, toddler corduroy flannel lined pants

Quiara – on white??

I’m still questioning whether this was a good idea, but I didn’t have the right color red to match the skirt I made Zoe for Valentine’s Day, so I went with the white.

This is the tunic length version with a hood and without the cap sleeves. Size 122/128 without a seam allowance added. Since she’s wearing it with a skirt, I think the shorter length might have been better.

This was the first time I’d done machine applique and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s a bit fiddly, but other than that, not terribly difficult. Applique is from Lynnie Pinnie, I left out the circle in the middle of the hearts. A layer of Sticky+ with tearaway underneath it for the applique. Lots of ric-rac and lettuce edging for “curly” hems as Zoe says.


A Redondo for Valentine’s Day

This is one of those patterns that looks a lot more difficult than it is. It sat on my shelf for months before I finally tried it. This is a size 122/128, with 20.5″ of 3/4″ non-roll elastic in the waist. The pattern calls for 5 panels, but if you use two fabrics, you’ll want to add a sixth panel so you can alternate them around the skirt. A simple rolled hem completes this cute twirly skirt.


Ottobre 1/2009 #31

This tunic length top is from the Winter 2009 Ottobre. The neckline is pretty wide on it, if I make it again, I’ll bring that up some. It’s a little bit wide, but not overly so. It fits like a comfy top. Other than that, size 128 is a good fit on Zoe. This pattern might work well with sweatshirt fleece, though I’d probably widen the sleeves just a touch.


Another run through KS 2912

Good news is that the sweatshirt I made my nephew fit him! Bad news is, he really doesn’t know who Snoopy is! He did like Jack’s Tow Mater shirt, so I made another one of those in his size. It’s all set except for the fusi-knit on the back, but I’m waiting for it to dry after I washed off the water soluble stabilizer from the front. I’m hoping to get it in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

Tow Mater sweatshirt Kwik Sew 2912

Snoopy, for my nephew

This is Kwik Sew 2912 again, this time in a 3T, which I’m hoping will either fit my nephew or leave him room to grow.

Snoopy Baseball sweatshirt, Kwik Sew 2912

I forgot to mention it before, but this is the neatest fabric. It looks like a sweater knit on the front, but inside it’s the nicest soft fleece.

Colors in the embroidery –
C&C White
C&C Black
C&C G8 51 (brown)
Mettler poly sheen 5643 (dk green)
Mettler poly sheen 1805 (red)

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