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Ottobre 1/2009 #31

This tunic length top is from the Winter 2009 Ottobre. The neckline is pretty wide on it, if I make it again, I’ll bring that up some. It’s a little bit wide, but not overly so. It fits like a comfy top. Other than that, size 128 is a good fit on Zoe. This pattern might work well with sweatshirt fleece, though I’d probably widen the sleeves just a touch.


Tow Mater – success!

Here it is with the stabilizer washed off.

Tow Mater shirt

I think he likes it…



He likes it.

I did have to tell him it wasn’t from Kohls, though!

Tow Mater

Kwik Sew 2912 in 4T. This is before washing out the stabilizer on the front.
Kwik Sew 2912 Boy's 4T Sweatshirt

This has two layers of water soluble on the top and a layer each of solvy sticky and cut away on the bottom.

Colors as follows –
1. C&C Black
2. Sulky Yellow
3. C&C D8-543
4. C&C C9-300A
5. C&C G8-256
6. C&C E7-57A

flannel lined corduroy pants

Jack needed black pants for his holiday program. (He still needs a white shirt and red tie, but that’s another story.) These are no fuss elastic waist pants in a fine wale cord with a flannel lining.


These are Kwik Sew 2918, size 4T. They have a 1 3/8″ allowance for the elastic casing, so I took 1″ off the top of the flannel lining to reduce the bulk there. The colors in the photo are a bit off and I keep crashing GIMP when I try to adjust them. The corduroy is black, and the kitchen island they are laying on is also much darker than it appears.

Now, I have to admit to doing the dumbest thing. I sewed the corduroy into a pair, then sewed the flannel as a pair. I then put them inside each other and proceeded to connect them at the leg hems. Trying turning that back right side out. It doesn’t work. I picked apart one leg hem, then realized that what I really needed to do was take apart the crotch seams on the flannel. That wouldn’t have been too bad had I not sewed those first and then sewed the inseam as one length. Seam ripper, seam ripper…

Note to self – line pants as follows:

Sew outside pants.
Sew each leg of inner layer separately.
Attach inner and outer at leg hem.
Sew crotch of inner layer.
Sew waistband.

A white shirt for a snowgirl – Ottobre 1/2001 #21

Zoe is Mama Snowman in her class holiday play. She is to wear a white top in case it shows when she stands behind the cardboard snowman she’s pretending to be. We’re stretching “white” to include shirts that are white with silver snowflakes. The plan is to dye this after her program’s over as I’ve learned that white is just not a color my children should wear.


Pattern is just a basic top, Ottobre 1/2001, #21, size 128.

a tester and a keeper

I was placing an order for new winter boots for the girly and noticed the fleece neck gaiters. Guessing at the dimensions, I whipped this up.


The cut dimensions were 12.5″x18″, with the stretch along the 18″.

Made one for Alex, too. Cut dimensions 15″x21″, stretching along the 21″. His probably could have been 16.5″ rather than 15″. I ladder stitched the second seam on Alex’s so it could lay flat.


Jack’s is going to be the same dimensions as Alex’s with a snoopy embroidery, I think.

That went over pretty well


And here they are modeling their new pjs – and hat, from a sweet mama I “know” from an online message board.


it’s official, the training wheels are staying off

After some complaining that I should put the training wheels back on her bike, Zoe has mastered riding a two-wheeler. I’m so proud of her!

Check it out!


And for those with a speedier internet connection – the video!
Zoe riding her bike (no audio)

sewing as bribery

3 yards of fabric gets you one toddler sheet and standard size pillowcase. Letting your three year old pick out the fabric at the fabric store also gets you a morning’s worth of shopping without arguing.

Two LOCAL emergency contacts are required

That’s what it says on the forms I have to fill out for the kids’ preschool. “In the case of emergency or illness, I authorize the following to act on my behalf if I cannot be reached.”

I’m truly at a loss as to what to put in this space. Could I ask friends to be alternate contact in case one of the kids needs to be picked up because they are sick? Sure, but they wouldn’t have the car seat to transport said child. And emergency? In an emergency, you’re doing whatever it takes to take care of my kid, and then you are calling my husband or me. There is no alternate contact for an emergency. You could call my parents, but they aren’t “LOCAL”.

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