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Farbenmix Quiara – again

Okay, I think this is officially my favorite top pattern for Zoe right now. Here are two more. I made these mostly when I got together with some fabulous local girls to do some sewing.

Quiara flip flops and Hello Kitty tops

The one on the left has flutter sleeves, the other is the short sleeve I usually use for this top in short sleeves.

Hannah Montana meets Farbenmix Quiara

I’m not actually sure Hannah Montana is still anywhere near the cool-meter, but we’re just going to go with it because the colors are right for the skirt for which Zoe needed a shirt. This is the Farbenmix Quiara pattern again in size 128, taken up 2″ from the bottom hem and with short sleeves rather than the flutter sleeves included in the pattern. I did add the seam allowances this time. The Hannah Montana print is cotton jersey knit and the sleeves and neck cotton interlock knit. A lettuce edge finishes the sleeves and bottom hem, which will curl more after a run through the washer.

Hannah Montana meets Farbenmix Quiara

A shortened Quiara with short sleeves

This is from the Farbenmix Quiara pattern in size 128, taken up 2″ from the bottom hem and with short sleeves rather than the flutter sleeves included in the pattern. No seam allowances were added to the pattern. The Strawberry Shortcake print is cotton jersey knit and the sleeves and neck binding are cotton/lycra jersey knit.

Farbenmix Quiara with short sleeves and no hood

It’s nice to get some things sewn up, I was starting to worry that Zoe was going to outgrow some of these prints before I made them into something. The clock’s ticking.

Quiara – on white??

I’m still questioning whether this was a good idea, but I didn’t have the right color red to match the skirt I made Zoe for Valentine’s Day, so I went with the white.

This is the tunic length version with a hood and without the cap sleeves. Size 122/128 without a seam allowance added. Since she’s wearing it with a skirt, I think the shorter length might have been better.

This was the first time I’d done machine applique and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s a bit fiddly, but other than that, not terribly difficult. Applique is from Lynnie Pinnie, I left out the circle in the middle of the hearts. A layer of Sticky+ with tearaway underneath it for the applique. Lots of ric-rac and lettuce edging for “curly” hems as Zoe says.


A Redondo for Valentine’s Day

This is one of those patterns that looks a lot more difficult than it is. It sat on my shelf for months before I finally tried it. This is a size 122/128, with 20.5″ of 3/4″ non-roll elastic in the waist. The pattern calls for 5 panels, but if you use two fabrics, you’ll want to add a sixth panel so you can alternate them around the skirt. A simple rolled hem completes this cute twirly skirt.


I’m supposed to wear something cute

This is the answer to the request from Zoe for something cute for picture day. While I thought she had plenty of “cute” things that would be lovely for picture day, she apparently felt differently. I would have appreciated her sharing this information sometime earlier than the day before picture day, but what fun would that be? This picture is about a week after picture day. I’m not sure if these were the tights she had on for picture day, and I’m pretty sure we picked up this pair of shoes after picture day. The shoes are hot pink shiny numbers from Target.

This is a standby pattern – Farbenmix Olivia. The hood is lined in the same color as the sleeves. The main fabric is a purpley-blue with pink and purple fairies all over it. Size 122/128.

An Olivia for my girl

This is one of my favorite patterns for a quick dress. It has enough twirl factor to satisfy my girly, and it goes together in a flash. I’ve left off the front pocket. This one also got a lined hood and I left off the knotted extra the pattern calls for on the hood. The sleeves and bottom hem got a lettuce hem, which curls more after it goes through the wash. Zoe just loves the lettuce edge.


Sized 122/128, it’s made with a cotton rib knit called “Flutter” by Baby Nay for the body and the sleeves and hood are from the coordinate print. The pattern is Olivia by Farbenmix. Love it!

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