Ottobre Summer 2002 (02/2002) #14 Summer dress

I had to make over seven yards of double fold bias tape for this, but I think the end result is worth it.

ottobre 02/2002 #14 summer dress

The straps criss cross and tie in the back.

ottobre 02/2002 #14 summer dress

This is a size 128, I think Zoe could actually wear a 122. The fabrics are both nice weight quilters cottons from the Serendipity line by Piece O Cake Designs for P&B Textiles that I picked up a couple years ago. The bias tape ended up about 3/8″ wide. I used 1/4″ for the loops on the back. It’s not warm enough to wear without a shirt underneath yet, so I need to take care of that and get a shirt sewn up this week.

One Response to “Ottobre Summer 2002 (02/2002) #14 Summer dress”

  1. Heather says:

    This is my favorite pattern EVER! I want to make a bunch for my youngest dd this summer! I made dozens for my other girls when they were younger.

    LOVE the double fold bias tape. What a great idea!

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