The Cell Phone Saga

After many months, I’m finally about to cave and buy a new cell phone. I’ve had my beloved pink Razr for years. But, the replacement battery isn’t holding a charge any better than the battery that was in it, which tells me it’s the phone that’s sucking the life out of the battery rather than an issue with the battery itself.

As someone who loves shiny new things, I should be thrilled to send this phone away and replace it with something much more 21st century, right? The thing is, though I’ve spent a significant amount of my professional career as an IT geek, I’ve just never been a huge fan of the cell phone. Is it handy to be called at the grocery store and asked to add baking powder to the shopping list? Sure. Does that justify its existence as an object whose apparent purpose is to make one reachable all the time? Not so much.

Now, why doesn’t Verizon offer me something in pink or purple that doesn’t require a $29.99/mo data plan that I have absolutely no use for? If I have to have a new phone, at least give me a girly gadget.

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